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I am a Registered Sole Trader with a vast collection of worldwide stamps. Working with a small network of established dealers, our combined stock database places us in the top 5 European, if not the world, stamp dealerships.

I have been trading on eBay and Delcampe for years (with 100% positive feedback, not one Neutral or Negative) and finally decided to take the plunge and "go it alone."

Like most collectors, I started as a young child and collected anything and everything. Take the usual 50-year break whilst career and family took priority. Then, once I had time on my hands, I decided to buy and sell on a more formal basis.

Our Mission

To become a top organisation that satisfies the needs of philatelists and stamp hobbyists by offering them a wide variety of famous stamps, rare stamps, distinctive stamps and thematics for sale.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with only the best and most high-quality, definitives,
commemoratives, miniature sheets and everything in between while upholding strong moral values and ethics.

Our Values

AGStamps of Leeds adheres to the highest ethical standards in all spheres of safe environmental practices and respect for clients and customers

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